Purchased by Peter Read for his family in 2015, Circle R Ranch & Vineyards is made up of nearly 1200 acres of rolling hillsides and grasslands, which form the southern half of Foss Valley.

Napa Valley is America’s best-known grapegrowing region, but many people don’t realize that this famous spot on California’s wine map is flanked by many smaller, tucked-away valleys. Foss Valley is such a place. This rugged, elevated section within the Atlas Peak viticultural area is one of Napa’s hidden gems.

As a 150 year-old ranch originally devoted to raising cattle, Circle R fits squarely into Foss Valley’s colorful history. The enhancements made to the ranch’s architecture, including the refurbishment of two historic barns on the property, speak directly to this past—specifically through the folk Victorian architecture that lends an “Old West” look and feel to the physical surroundings. Few design expenses were spared in creating a “new” ranch, built with the next 150 years in mind. And in an effort to reduce grasses and dry vegetation while honoring the ranch’s history, herds of cattle, goats, and sheep are brought in to roam Circle R on a seasonal and yearly basis.